Spells and Charms

For me, a “spell” is a concentrated form of prayer to Deity whereby I not only ask that something be done for the highest good, but I put directed energy and intention into it as well, augmented by any number of natural things such as herbs, stones, and other items. A “charm”, for me, is a kind of mini-spell, that does not require as much preparation, bells or whistles.

I share more in my Stable Magick workshops, but offer here some Binding charms that I have used with Bailing Twine.

-For Peace of Mind:

-For Calm during Travel for Horse, Driver

With this knot, comes 
peace of mind.
I feel it with the
Knot I bind.
My mind is clear,
My hope renewed
And Peaceful is
My attitude.
With this knot,
May there be peace
On horse and driver,
Man and beast.
No fear or worry,
Sweat or tears,
Just peace to bind up
all our fears.

To use with an Iron Horseshoe, with a photo inside of property or person:

With strength of iron, protect this land
With horseshoe here, in my own hand,
May all have health, who tarry here
Safe from fire, from flood, for all the year.


With strength of iron, protect this one,
From night to night, and sun to sun.
Keep (him/her) safe, and strong and whole,
As Mom to Child, and Mare to Foal.