About Me: Horses and Spirituality

First steps with Horses

I was introduced to horses as a baby by Aunt Nancy and Uncle Harvey Davidson, who owned horses in Clinton, NY. They taught me how to safely feed horses apples, lead and groom horses, and eventually to ride. One of the most wonderful days of my life was when I was allowed to ride Muffin, a Morgan, by myself out of the ring and into the hills of their 60 acre farm. I took a few lessons here and there over the years as my Mom could afford to pay for them.

First Responsibilities

When I was about thirteen, I had the chance to care for two horses, an Anglo-Arab named “Raj” and a quarterhorse pony called “Oopsie”. I cleaned stalls in exchange for getting to ride Oopsie. He taught me to jump and I was blissfully happy, even sleeping in his stall on occasion when teenage life was too tumultuous. Our relationship came to an end when he contracted Equine Encephalitis. I went through the agony of his sudden blindness and death within one day. It was years before I would be close to another horse after that.

Horse racing Influences

In the meantime, I was growing up in Saratoga Springs, New York, which is famous for horseracing, both thoroughbred and harness. I was only an onlooker at the “flat track”, where I admired from afar the jockeys in their colorful silks and hung over the rails to fill my eyes with the beauty of their horses. In later years, however, as a radio journalist, I actually got to race for one furlong atop a leased appaloosa named “Satan” during a Media Race. I won. 🙂

I also spent time as first a Groom, then a Publicity writer at Saratoga Harness, where I would interview horsemen and write daily stories for the program. In the backstretch, I saw horsemen go without in order to give their horses the best.

A Horse of My Own

After many life changes, including changes in careers, living in different states, my children growing up, a divorce, and remarriage, I finally got my first horse, Harvey’s Golden Viking (“Goldie”) in 2015. It was a bittersweet event; he had belonged to Uncle Harvey, who passed away and left Goldie to me. Goldie came to live with me in North Carolina and it was then that I began to learn about horses from him.


I was raised Methodist, but as a teenager went on a spiritual quest because I didn’t feel the Divine in church. I visited every religious institution I could get to: a Catholic church, a Jehovah’s Witness hall, a Pentacostal church, and a Jewish temple, and spent weeks or more with all of them. I also was allowed at my young and talkative age to join an Edgar Cayce study group, and it was in that time period that my psychic abilities “took off.” I began to see spirits on occasion, learned basic palmistry and tarot, was scared (the first time) by a spirit guide, had a past life flashback and was able to astral project consciously after months of trying. Eventually, I stumbled across a book about Wicca and instantly knew this was the path for me.

I practiced Wicca as a Solitary for many years, but found the Sojo Circle coven through the Sojourner store in Greenville, North Carolina. It was there that I went from “Wicca Light,” as my husband says, to become a more serious student of Wicca, advancing through different years of classes and study. I eventually served as Water Minister, Neophyte coordinator, and then Maiden before being elected High Priestess for this turn of the wheel in 2020. I am truly blessed.

In addition to forging ahead with Stable Magick, which I do under the blessing of the Goddess Epona and with the somewhat reluctant help of Goldie, I also practice Rune reading and Norse Tarot. I have a special relationship with Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise and look forward to expanding my work with stones.